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Hamish Wilson

'just a few questions'

Let's get to know, Mr. Wilson


1. How old are you?


 I have just turned 21


2. Where you based?


Gold Coast, Australia 


3. Where did you have your first kiss?


Behind my primary school fence at lunchtime. I kissed her and ran off immediately without saying anything Ahah.


4. Ice cream flavor?


Honeycomb Maxibons are the bee's knees

5. If you were to be an animal what would it be?


I’d be one of the puppies in my parent's house, they get treated like kings.

6. Biggest trauma in your life?


Touchwood I haven’t had any massive traumatic things happen to me. Very grateful for the upbringing I’ve had. 


7. Tea or coffee?


I’m going to have to say coffee although I do love a cuppa before bed.


8. Would you rather swim with sharks or eat a raw chicken burger?


What kind of person thinks of this?

Probably swim with sharks as I have a phobia of raw chicken. Although I’d much rather do neither.


9. Tell us something we would never have guessed…



- I have only been shooting for just over a year.


10. Do you have higher education? ( uni / college) if so what do you think about it?


No, I don’t, I believe that if you are passionate about something you will be motivated enough to teach yourself more than uni ever could. There is so much information online now. I also feel as though uni can make learning feel like a chore when it should be something you are excited about. Obviously when it comes to jobs that require an education that’s different, but that’s how I feel for our industry.


11. What do you think about age?


The happiest people I know aren’t worried about how old they are.

I think if you want to you can stay young at heart forever, and I hope I do.


12. Skate or surf?




13. Music… drop us your favorite playlist rn…


Gonna have to go with Frank Ocean. He inspires me in so many more ways than just music

he is an insanely talented artist.

After that maybe The Weekends After Hours album.

That one is really resignation with what I’m feeling & going through at the moment.


14. What’s your next big thing?


I am currently in the middle of planning a solo exhibition and let me just say.

Y’all better strap in because this one is going to be INSANE. 


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